KIKKI & FRANKI Vinyl Wall Art Pack - Feathering Flowers


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KIKKI & FRANKI Vinyl Wall Art Pack – Feathering Flowers


These gorgeous, water colour decals are printed on matte vinyl and come in separate pieces so you can arrange them effectively to suit your room accordingly. They look absolutely magnificent on both a dark or a light wall. It makes for an easy yet totally affordable way to transform a space. I am sure you will agree that this wall art will look fantastic in just about any room in the house, not just a nursery.

Out of stock


Kikki & Franki use high-quality vinyl. Your decals will easily last you a good 5 years as long as you take good care of them.


  • Make sure your surface is clean and dust free.
  • These decals will stick onto any smooth surface (walls, windows, mirrors. As long as it is smooth)
  • Make sure the paint on your wall is water-based, your decals will not stick on any surface that is oil or silicone based.
  • Your paint needs to be MATT water-based paint, No sheen or glossy paint will work with our decals
  • Wait at least four weeks after painting your wall before applying your decals.
  • Cut out your shapes before sticking them down and plan your layout on your wall by sticking them on with Prestik or masking tape.
  • Peel the backing paper off of your decal so that the front is still attached to your application paper and the sticky side is exposed.
  • Line up your decal from the top corners. Take an applicator or a credit card (anything with a flat, straight surface) and begin scraping down and outwards to rid of any air bubbles.
  • Once your decal is stuck down, peel the application tape off parallel to your surface. If you pull the application tape off by pulling it towards you, you will end up pulling your decal off the wall.


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